(Frequently Asked Questions)

User is getting message that “ OPD registration Date is Greater than todays date ” ?
 Please correct the format to “dd/MM/yyyy” and value of your system’s date and time
Error while Data Exporting ?
 Please check and upgrade the software to latest version available under Helpdesk option of this website
Whome to contact for project support?
 NHM Field Staff(DPM/DDM/Others)
 Nodal officer at Directorate,DOMHFW
Software Installation Procedure
  Run the previously installed software and to take backup by clicking on Backup option given on dashboard.
 Now uninstall the currently installed software.
 Just after that - Download the above mentioned patch and install it by following all those steps as followed during installation of old software.
 After successful installation , run the software by cliciing the OPD Digital Parchi Icon on Desktop
 When software asks for the database file select the same the backed up file getting generated as a result of step 1.
 Now software is ready to use with same old credentials and data.